Kokan Education & Welfare Trust is dedicated to help the people of Kokan. 

Families living overseas from the Kokan region of India have got together and set-up this Trust for the Welfare of family, friends and the very needy. 

The Organisation helps with Education Grants as well as Projects that provide the basic necessities to the poor. The aim is to help the poor find lasting answers to chronic poverty.

Kokan Education & Welfare Trust work with local people, helping them to improve their lives for good. The best people to help poor communities are the community members themselves. That's because no-one understands their problems better than they do. So listening is absolutely vital to finding lasting solutions, and making a project successful.  People living in poverty have the ideas and the determination but they are short on funds. Our aim is to improve their situation.

We believe that all children especially girls in the villages have a right to basic education. Quality education plays a crucial role in reducing poverty.  It is empowering to girls and boys and enables them to develop the skills they need to help them overcome poverty, to make positive changes in their lives.

For more information please contact us info@kewt.org.uk